SoapBox Relaunch - ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Eric Peterson

Welcome to the first episode of our SoapBox relaunch! Get ready to learn more about ColdBox15's release and much more!
Luis and Eric host this episode. They talk about celebrating the 15 year anniversary since the release of ColdBox and the various iterations and features that have been added over time. Eric talks about his favorite thing inside ColdBox other than modules and his excitement for the addition of Async programming in the future for ColdFusion and ColdBox. Eric tells the tale of his journey from being a system analyst to a programmer and how the introduction of ColdFusion and eventually ColdBox changed his career path. They discuss the importance of testing and getting to know the process and the tools needed for an essential part in development which is sometimes neglected or overlooked. Eric speaks about his experience with working in Open Source projects and how the concept helps everyone involved and the people who might come in the future make their code theirs despite using someone else's framework. Both Luis and Eric enjoy taking concepts in other languages and translating them to ColdFusion.

Eric speaks from personal experience with video tutorials and highlights the importance of services like CFCasts which make it easier and accessible for new developers to be able to begin programming without feeling the gate-keeping of the older generations. In the future he hopes features like webhooks and step debuggers are added to ColdFusion.

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