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ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Luis Majano

Jorge and Luis host this episode. Luis talks about the 15th anniversary of Coldbox and how Ortus as a company has shaped itself throughout the years alongside ColdBox.

ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Jon Clausen

Luis and Jon host this episode. Jon speaks about his introduction to ColdBox as he was trying to modernize a legacy application.

Soapbbox - ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Brad Wood

Luis and Brad host this episode. Brad talks about his experience with Coldbox and how with his previous company they chose it as their new framework thanks to the grea...

SoapBox Relaunch - ColdBox Anniversary Edition with Eric Peterson

Welcome to the first episode of our SoapBox relaunch! Get ready to learn more about ColdBox15's release and much more!

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 7 - Charlie Arehart - Zero to 60 with Adobe CF Docker Images

In this episode Gavin talks with Charlie Arehart, a long-time ColdFusion community contributor, first about his history with ColdFusion and then about his upcoming ses...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 6 - Sam Knowlton - Betting the business on Modern CFML

In this episode we talk with Sam Knowlton about his keynote appearance at Into the Box 2019 and how he bet his business on Modern CFML and how he is slowly migrating 2...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 5 - Brian Klaas - Undifferentiated heavy lifting with AWS

In this episode we talk with Brian Klaas, the AWS guy in the ColdFusion Community, and we talk about how he started with ColdFusion, and how he leverages AWS for Undif...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 4 - Pete Freitag - Security Consulting and Products

In this episode we talk with Pete Freitag, the founder of Foundeo, and creator of HackMyCF, CFScript.Me, CFDocs.org, and now Fixinator. We share a clip of the Fixin...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 3 - Luis Majano - State of ColdBox

In this episode we talk with Luis Majano, the creator of ColdBox about the State of ColdBox over the last year, 2018 and 2019 and where the future of ColdBox is headed...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 2 - Luis Majano - History of ColdBox + Ortus Solutions

We welcome back the ColdBox Creator - Owner of Ortus Solutions Luis Majano to talk about the history of ColdBox and Ortus Solutions, and how it has evolved, and the fu...

MoD® - SoapBox Ep 1 - Luis Majano discusses the Call to Arms

The very first episode ever of the Modernize or Die® Podcast SoapBox Edition, and we couldn't have the first episode without ColdBox creator Luis Majano. Gavin Pickin ...

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